I got a 7 for my extended essay on Chemistry HL in 2020. The topic was “The effect of exposure to ultraviolet radiation on lactase denaturation”


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1. Introduction

Lately in Peru, supermarkets products began to carry stickers that labelled what components it was high of; starting from sugar to saturated fat. Yet, milk never seemed to have any type of stickers attached to them. I began to wonder whether it might be necessary to distinguish the different lactose contents of different brands for the benefit of those who are lactose intolerant. While researching on the internet, I found out that it was lactase deficiency that causes lactose intolerance, and also discovered that lactase deficiency was not limited to a single type (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2018). It seemed quite odd that people who were diagnosed with lactose intolerance would often rely on lactase pills in order to consume lactose containing products. Why couldn’t they dissolve lactase pills into the products? An answer to this question was that there were specific conditions such as temperature and UV light which were necessary for a reaction between lactase and lactose to occur (Helmenstine, 2020). Therefore, to research further into the variables that affect such reactions, I decided to conduct my chemistry internal assessment on analyzing the effect of exposure to ultraviolet radiation on lactase denaturation…


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  • Topic: The effect of exposure to ultraviolet radiation on lactase denaturation
  • Subject: Chemistry
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