This commentary talks about LG Electronics (LGE) struggles in the global phone market.

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Background knowledge

Established in October 1958, LG Electronics (LGE) is a South Korean multinational company of the LG Corp. conglomerate and encompasses five divisions, namely: Home Appliance & Air Solutions, Home Entertainment, Vehicle component Solutions, Business Solutions, and Mobile Communications. LGE has entered the smartphone market in 2006 with the innovative LG KE850 Prada. Though it never became the market leader, LGE has been fairly successful since then. Yet, this success ended in 2014 with the LG G3, after which LGE has been recording only year-on-year losses. LGE’s situation became so alarming that analysts such as Caitlin McGarry expect the company to drop out of the global smartphone market, just as HTC, Microsoft, and Blackberry did. However, Kwon Bong-Seok, the new LGE CEO, said, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, that the company is far from giving up on their smartphones. He added that the Mobile Communications division planned to make profit by 2021 by “[expanding its] mobile line-up and steadily [releasing] new ones attached with some wow factors to woo consumers”. Yet, is it achievable this way?


  • Total number of pages: 38 pages
  • Topic: Can new mobile devices with “wow factors” really help LG Electronics to stand up in the global smartphone market?
  • Subject: Business Management
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