This document is IB Micro Economy IA about Sugar Tax written in 2022.
Since I got 7 points, it will be very helpful for your assignment.

본 문서는 2022년 작성한 IB Micro Economy 중 Sugar Tax를 주제로 잡은 IA 입니다.
7점 받았기에, 도움 많이 되시리라 생각합니다.


[Sample excerpts]

Food strategy calls for £3bn sugar and salt tax to improve UK’s diet

Report says changes in eating habits must be accelerated to meet targets on health and climate

Patrick Butler and Damian Carrington Thursday 15 July 2021 00.01 BST


Ministers are being urged to levy a £3bn sugar and salt tax as part of a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to break Britain’s addiction to junk food, cut meat consumption by nearly a third and help tackle climate change.

The government-commissioned National Food Strategy, drawn up by the restaurateur Henry Dimbleby, says the UK population’s “malfunctioning” appetites and poor diets – fuelled by consumer and manufacturer’s reliance on processed food – place an unsustainable burden on the NHS and contribute to 64,000 deaths each year.

Its most eye-catching recommendation is a levy of £3 a kilo on sugar and £6 a kilo on salt sold wholesale for use in processed food, restaurants and catering, which it says would be a world first. This would raise up to £3.4bn a year, some of which should fund an expansion of free schools meals to an extra 1.1 million children and an overhaul of Britain’s food and cooking culture…


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