This script was written to prepare IO on Carol Ann Duffy’s Little Red Cap. It includes a detailed, line-by-line commentary and analysis of literary devices and themes.

If you find it difficult to structure your IO, it might give you some idea of how to organize all the information and give a decent response.


[Sample excerpts]

Little Red Cap



  • The extract I am going to analyze is Little Red Cap, which is the first poem in Carol Ann Duffy’s 1999 collection called The World’s Wife.
  • Duffy’s collection of poems mainly highlight feminism and her personal, autobiographical experiences. In order to create a dominant female character and also to include her autobiography, she inverted original myths, legends, or fairy stories and came up with a completely new storyline.



  • This first piece of poem establishes an overall mood for her collection by introducing a strong female voice, which goes against the prevalent expectations of women.



  • In this commentary, I am going to firstly address the context of this poem through Duffy’s autobiography. I will then talk about the use of allusion to Little Red Riding Hood and its effects. Lastly, I will focus on a central theme of innocence to experience and secondary theme of feminism…


  • Total number of pages: 4 pages
  • Topic: English A SL Individual Oral (IO) Script – Carol Ann Duffy “Little Red Cap”
  • Subject: English A
  • The file is in PDF format.