I got a 7 for my Mathematics HL internal assessment in 2020. The topic was “Investigating the relationship between the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence in calculus”


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1. Introduction

During my IB psychology course, I was introduced to the golden ratio and its application in the beauty standards. It was quite peculiar to generalize such a ratio to the standards that change over time and do not have a high cross-cultural validity as different cultures perceive beauty differently. Having such a number and emphasizing its connection to the real world seemed quite interesting, and thus I decided to research a bit further on my own. When investigating, I landed on Fibonacci sequence and its relation to the golden ratio – it was indeed interesting yet no prominent source went into depth in analysing their relationship. I was really interested in how a sequence developed respectively from a ratio could have such strong ties – especially in topics that we have covered during the IB mathematics HL courses such as calculus. Consequently, I decided to complete my math internal assessment on this topic; the aim of this investigation is to come to a stronger understanding of the connection between the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio – to find its relevance in calculus…


  • Total number of pages:  21 pages
  • Topic: Investigating the relationship between the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence in calculus
  • Subject: Mathematics
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