I got a high B for my extended essay on Visual Arts in 2021 May. The topic was “Between 1983 to 2020, to what extent did Karl Lagerfeld give Chanel a new style?” It well includes in-text citations, good references, and careful exploration of the contents.


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I. Introduction

As I have a big interest in fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel who died a while ago, remained impressively in my memory. When he died, I could see famous people from various fashion professions and many of the celebrities expressed their sorrow and a big respect for designs in his lifetime.

Clothes are indispensable to people and should always be developed and created for our convenience. That is why I think it is very important to further explore and investigate how Karl Lagerfeld contributed to this important factor. While I was searching about Karl Lagerfeld, I found one interesting thing. That was he made a big change to Chanel in terms of design and the brand’s identity. Before Karl Lagerfeld joined the company, Chanel was experiencing a period of stagnation. But as Karl Lagerfeld worked in Chanel as a creative director, he saved the brand image as a fashion house. So, I am going to deal with the theme “To what extent did Karl Lagerfeld give Chanel a new style?”

In the main body, I’m planning to explore the history of the company before Karl Lagerfeld will be briefly investigated to make it comparable and to ascertain the extent to which Karl Lagerfeld had no change to Chanel between his lifetime and death. Also, Karl Lagerfeld before Chanel will be investigated to establish his development and credentials. In this essay, I am going to use various sources including video and book, but mainly trustable fashion articles from vogue, harper bazaar for getting socially reliable fashion material related to Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel…


  • Total number of pages: 19 pages
  • Topic: Between 1983 to 2020, to what extent did Karl Lagerfeld give Chanel a new style?
  • Subject: EE (Extended Essay) – Visual Arts
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